Author: Rebecca Lester

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15 Ways To Lower Your Heating Costs This Winter

Do you want to save on heating bills this winter? With the price of energy skyrocketing this fall, we are all looking for way to reduce the price of our heating costs. Luckily, there are many things you can do this winter to keep your bills low. Here are some energy saving tips that can help you to reduce the […]


What Are The All-time Essential Modern Kitchen Appliances?

What makes a kitchen efficient? Kitchen appliances do! They make your life so much easier. Without kitchen appliances, cooking would be an arduous task and you wouldn’t see very many cooks around the world. Out of the many kitchen appliances on the market, there are a few essential kitchen items that every home needs to be equipped with. The following […]

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Considering A Bathroom Mirror? This is What we Found

How often do you check yourself in the bathroom mirror? We found how often when we renovated the bathroom. We found it be impossible to think of a functional bathroom without this really important fixture. The type of mirror that you choose is considered by issues like; the size of your bathroom, the ease of cleaning and the current existing […]

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Outdoor Chandeliers – Elegant And Majestic

Our friend threw a party recently that gave us a great idea for the deck/gazebo area. Outdoor lighting in the form of a chandelier! We thought they would look awesome on the deck. Chandeliers are often associated with the luxurious elegance of grand ball rooms or other classical structures. However, don’t get any illusions about our outdoor gazebo area. They […]