What Are The All-time Essential Modern Kitchen Appliances?

What makes a kitchen efficient? Kitchen appliances do! They make your life so much easier. Without kitchen appliances, cooking would be an arduous task and you wouldn’t see very many cooks around the world.

Out of the many kitchen appliances on the market, there are a few essential kitchen items that every home needs to be equipped with.

The following list are the most basic, but the most important nonetheless. If you have these, cooking is a lot easier and so much more fun!

inside a modern kitchen
Modern Kitchen

What’s Inside Your Kitchen?

Here are some such essential kitchen appliances you might find in any modern day kitchen.

1. Food Processor

If you buy a good quality food processor it will take care of all the hard work for you.

Breville Food processor

Arduous tasks like:

  • chopping
  • grating
  • shredding
  • slicing
  • blending
  • and all your juicing needs.

Chores like, chopping, slicing and dicing will all be made easier with a good food processor. Thus, you will be able to cook quickly and with ease.

Did you know a food processors can also knead the dough for you?

2. Electric Mixer or Beater

SMEG Retro Mixer

Beating and mixing can take a lot of time and energy…

When you are in a hurry, beating and mixing can take up a lot of your time. Therefore, you should have an electric mixer to do it all for you.

You could buy a hand-held beater or a stand-alone model (see above) based on your choice.

A manual beater is also a good choice but again, you will need to invest a lot of energy.

Thus, buying an electric beater is the better choice.

3. Microwave

A microwave is an absolute must-have today. These days, we are more into pre packed and frozen foods.

Buy good brands such as Bosch or Ariston microwaves

This is why you need to have a microwave in your kitchen for sure.

Make sure you buy a good one such as the Bosch microwave so that you know it is durable and that you can rely upon it to work efficiently for you.

Microwave will make basic cooking easier and a lot of fun!

4. Crock pot

If you want scrumptious steamed rice, you will need a crock pot or an electric rice cooker.

Just add the rice and water, and the pot will do the rest…

Your job is to add the rice and water, and the pot will do its job.

It is very easy to use and thus, you don’t have to worry about going wrong anywhere.

You can also make delicious soups in a crock pot and steam vegetables, too.

5. Fridge/Refrigerator

Fridge/Refrigerator– you don’t need to say more when it comes to having a refrigerator present in every kitchen.

Unless, you’re the type of person who buys at the grocer everyday and cook your food fresh from the farm.

6. Dishwasher

These are the essential kitchen appliances that all kitchens must have.

If you don’t already have them, make sure you buy them immediately and make your kitchen a better place to cook and to enjoy cooking.

You can buy online for better rates, feasibility, and more options.

Make sure you stick to brands so that the appliances you buy are safe, durable, and reliable.


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