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15 Ways To Lower Your Heating Costs This Winter

Do you want to save on heating bills this winter?

With the price of energy skyrocketing this fall, we are all looking for way to reduce the price of our heating costs. Luckily, there are many things you can do this winter to keep your bills low.

Here are some energy saving tips that can help you to reduce the heating costs in your home.

Check For Drafts

Drafts from the outside will suck the heat out of your home, so seal any cracks or holes in windows and doors with caulk, weather stripping, and foam insulation. Keep vents open as much as possible to avoid trapping cold air inside.

Keep It Under Control

The thermostat is responsible for the majority of heat loss in your home. Lower your thermostat by at least 2 degrees.

When you sleep, turn down the temperature on your thermostat down even more, or to 64 degrees if you can (5 degrees for each hour before bedtime).

At night make sure everyone wear socks and slippers:The best way to stay warm is to put more layers between you and the cold floor.

Get A Programmable Thermostat

Install an energy efficient, programmable thermostat in you home. This will let you set back the temperature while you sleep or away at work without breaking a sweat (or turning up your thermostat).

Install Radiant Flooring

Flooring that gives off heat from below is one of my favorite ways to keep warm without using too many energy resources. Plus it’s good for those long, blustery winter nights.

Add Insulation To The Attic And Walls

Adding insulation to your home can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth the cost. Insulation in the attic and walls is an inexpensive way to keep heat in during winter.

Turn Down The Water Heater

Water heaters are usually set to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very hot for most household uses. Turn down water heater temperature to 120°F or below.

If you can deal with a few days of cold showers, lower the temperature slightly. The savings will be noticeable but won’t have an effect on your health or comfort.

Even though it might not be as convenient to take shorter showers, you can reduce energy loss by turning down the temperature on your water heater.

Install A Ceiling Fan

This is another good way to keep warm without cranking up the heat, and it can even help you save on air conditioning costs in summer.

If you don’t like wasting electricity all year round, rotate them so they spin clockwise during cold months and counterclockwise in summertime.

Close Off Unused Rooms In The House

An easy way to conserve the heat in your house is to close off unused rooms. Keeping the heat trapped in the areas of the house that need it, stopping it from going to areas that don’t.

For example: Keeping the heat in the living areas and losing doors in hallways to other unused rooms in the house.

Replace Old Windows With New Ones

Another thing you can do to save on power is replace old windows with new ones. Replacing old windows with new ones can be expensive, but it is definitely worth the cost.

Use Low-Watt Appliances

This one sounds obvious, but using lower power devices like computers and TVs instead of higher power ones will save energy. Low energy rated appliances will save a lot of money over the life of the appliance.

Keep Your Refrigerator Full

The less cold air that needs to be circulated through your fridge or freezer, the less energy it will use. Keep some containers of water in the fridge if you don’t have enough food to fill up all the shelves.

If you have an old fridge without a water container, add some jugs of water to the back.

Heat Food More Efficiently

If you’re cooking, try closing off the top of your oven and using a microwave or crock pot instead. You’ll get hotter food from less energy.

Use Space Heaters Less

I know it sounds counterintuitive too, but space heaters use far more energy than their convenience is worth. Use other methods to keep warm or drape a towel or blanket over your lap instead.

Seal Cracks Around Doors and Windows

In order to save money on heating, it would be a good idea to seal cracks around windows and doors in your house. This will help the heat from escaping from your home.

Use Curtains To Keep Heat Out During Summer

Keep curtains closed during the day to keep out sunlight. Direct sunlight will heat up a room much faster than electric light bulbs.

Conclusion: Saving Money By Lowering Energy Costs

Saving money when you’re trying to do everything else in life is difficult, but paying attention and looking for ways to save will add up. The article provides a list of ways to do exactly that, save money on your energy bill.

Some are more obvious than others, but it’s important not to overlook any opportunity that will help you conserve energy and cut costs.

The most important thing is for you to take the initiative in looking out for these opportunities yourself!

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