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What You Should Consider When Choosing A Sink For Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor sinks are a great way to add some spice to an outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for outdoor sinks for your outdoor kitchen, or want an outdoor sink for your outdoor bathroom, there are many options available.

However before you start, you will need to consider a few thing. Things like the materials, the size, what style and of course the placement of the sink before selecting one that will best fit your needs.

With this article as a guide, you can find what outdoor sink is right for you!

Outdoor Sinks – Why Outdoor Sinks Are Important

I would say that every outdoor space could do with a outdoor sink.

They are important for a variety of reasons, including:

  • An outdoor kitchen would need an outdoor sink to take care of dirty dishes and peelings when food doesn’t need to go back in the kitchen
  • An outdoor showers could also contain an outdoor sink to rinse off after bathing
  • When Gardening outdoors an outdoor sink would be a handy addition to the backyard to clean up after gardening and doing yard work
  • When camping in the outdoors, a handy portable sink would be great to have around
  • While many other homeowners want outdoor sinks for both aesthetic and functional purposes

Outdoor sinks come in a variety of shapes and materials, so there’s one out there for everyone!

Lion outdoor bar sink

Outdoor Sink Material Considerations

Different outdoor sinks are made of different materials. These materials have varying benefits, so it’s important to choose carefully.

Some outdoor sinks are made of;

  • copper
  • stone
  • terrazzo
  • concrete
  • stainless steel
  • plastic resin outdoor sinks
  • and wooden outdoor sinks

Each outdoor sink material has its pros and cons.

For example, outdoor sinks made of copper are often seen as more elegant but they lack the durability that some outdoor kitchen users may require.

Outdoor Sink Size Considerations

The outdoor sink size you choose is up to you. However it does deserve your consideration.

How you choose will depend on what your outdoor sinks purpose is, how much outdoor space you have, and the outdoor sink placement.

If you’re working with a limited outdoor space, you can opt for an outdoor sink that has multiple levels or even some that have left or right sloping trays, or some with none at all.

If you have plenty of outdoor space to work with, you can get a bigger outdoor sink without sacrificing too much in terms of functionality.

Outdoor Kitchen Area overlooking Swimming Pool

Outdoor Sink Countertop Considerations

Choosing the right outdoor countertop for your outdoor sink is important so that it looks attractive while being functional.

Wood is traditionally used as the material for outdoor sinks because of its durability and value.

However, outdoor sinks made of resin are also gaining popularity because of their increased durability and aesthetic value.

It’s up to you which outdoor sink material is more important – outdoor sink aesthetics or outdoor sink durability/durability.

Outdoor Sink Style Considerations

Outdoor sinks come in many different styles for many different outdoor spaces.

  • Outdoor sinks can be traditional (square or rectangular)
  • Stand alone outdoor sinks (one outdoor sink without a countertop)
  • Double bowl outdoor sinks (two outdoor sinks in one stand-alone sink)
  • Triple bowl outdoor sinks (three outdoor sinks in one stand-alone outdoor sink)

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Other Outdoor Sink Features To Consider

What outdoor taps or faucets that can be installed with your outdoor sink? The outdoor taps or faucets should be a consideration as they can operate differently and serve different function.

Outdoor taps come in;

  • cartridge
  • outdoor mister
  • outdoor spray
  • outdoor countertop
  • and overhead outdoor tap models.
copper farm style

The Best Outdoor Sinks For Your Needs and Budget

If you’re trying to find outdoor sinks for your outdoor space, but are on a budget, outdoor sinks made of resin outdoor sinks are an excellent option. They’re durable enough to last for many years and are also affordable.

Another high-end option are sinks made of metal (stainless steel) and that have marble outdoor countertops. These types of outdoor sink will be pricier than outdoor resin outdoor sinks, but they can offer an interesting aesthetic value.

Lastly, if you have the money to invest in outdoor kitchen outdoor sink – one that’s built into your outdoor kitchen space – then you can consider getting an outdoor triple bowl or one with a basin basin basin design because these have a lot of storage capacity and provide a convenient outdoor sink area.

These outdoor sinks are perfect for outdoor kitchens because they have enough outdoor counter space and outdoor sink storage capacity to facilitate cooking in a busy outdoor kitchen space.

How To Care For Your Outdoor Kitchen’s Sink and Fixtures

If you’re thinking about installing the outdoor sink as part of your outdoor kitchen, it’s also important to think about outdoor sink care.

To maintain the outdoor sink’s appearance, keep them dry and clean them regularly with a cleaning solution.

If outdoor sinks are made of metal outdoor sinks or resin use wax-based or silicone-based sealants to prevent rusting or other damage.

If you have an indoor kitchen faucet installed outdoors, make sure that the connection is sealed.

Water left in the outdoor pipes can freeze during the winter months and cause damage to both your pipes and your indoor kitchen faucet.

kitchen sink and faucets

FAQ’s About Outdoor Sinks and Your Considerations

What is the best outdoor sink?

The outdoor sink that fits your outdoor space the best will depend on a number of factors. You’ll need to take into consideration what size outdoor sink you want, as well as whether you would like a traditional outdoor marble outdoor stand alone outdoor indoor kitchen faucet or one with more bells and whistles attached.

In addition, the type of material – resin outdoor sinks are lightweight but can wear down quickly from environmental wear and tear – also plays a big role in durability; metal outdoor sinks won’t chip near as easily but they require more care; marble is very durable but is pricier than resin or metal.

Consider all these things when choosing your outdoor sink to make sure it hits it out of the park!

How fast does outdoor sinks heat up in cold weather?

In outdoor sinks in winter, you run the risk of getting a cold or warm sensation when it’s operating on either hot or cold. It can take a few minutes for the water to heat up or cool down depending on the action.

The indoor heat that flows out through the outdoor pipe and outside water at the sink (which is usually colder than indoor). This is due to excess condensation on outdoor pipes located in outdoor areas with minimum insulation, such as an unheated porch, carport or garage for example.

How fast does outdoor sinks heat up in hot weather?

In general, all metal outdoor sinks will get hot to the touch if they are exposed to direct sunlight or if the outdoor temperature is high for 24 hours or more.

The only difference would be that outdoor sinks with a larger surface area (i.e. outdoor kitchen sink) would get hotter faster than outdoor sinks that have a smaller surface area (i.e outdoor bathroom sink).

This is usually only seen in outdoor kitchen sinks since outdoor garden or bathroom sinks do not have to face the outdoor elements for extended periods of time.

Is DiY outdoor sink installation hard?

Outdoor sink installation is not hard to DIY with the help of a sink kit and outdoor plumbing.

The outdoor plumbing will come in different sizes so make sure you know what size your water supply line for your house is before buying outdoor plumbing kit.

Outdoor faucets should be mounted or deck-mounted to fit properly into your deck structure or other surface that requires connection points.

To keep the preassembled parts tidy, it’s best to unbox them on top of newspaper, plastic wrap or both to avoid contaminating the parts with soil particles once they’re out of their packaging.

Why should outdoor sinks be stainless steel if they’re outside for long periods of time?

The outdoor sink can be made of outdoor-rated stainless steel, which means it is able to withstand outdoor and outdoor conditions. Indoor and outdoor sinks can both be high quality sinks that match your design, but the materials required for each type will vary greatly.

Outdoor sink: For extended periods of use outside, we recommend using a material with low porosity such as stainless steel or cast iron which resists corrosion from UV radiation and harsh chemicals.

Indoor sink: A less expensive option for longer outdoor use is premium plastic such as Tufco’s Ultralite Outdoor PVC Primed Plastic Sink so if you spill something on it, it’ll wipe right off instead of being difficult to clean like metal or rusting.

Conclusion: Outdoor Sink Considerations

If you were looking for outdoor sink installation options, we hope this article helped! Outdoor sinks can be made of outdoor-rated stainless steel which is an excellent material option.

The outdoor faucets will also differ because it’s a different environment than indoor plumbing and should take that into account when designing your outdoor space with an outdoor sink.

All in all, make sure you do your research before deciding what kind of outdoor sink would work best for you.

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