A Stylish Interior Décor with a Bathroom Makeup Mirror

What is the most important fixture in a bathroom?

No matter how elegant your bathroom is, without the makeup mirror, it is still not complete.

Just as the name suggests, this mirror becomes handy during the application of makeup for the ladies.

However, don’t think that as a man, you won’t need to have one in your bathroom; you will be required to use it when washing and rinsing your face.

There is a choice between the lighted makeup mirror and the non-lighted mirrors, although the former are growing in popularity due to their added advantages.

Difference From Regular Mirrors

Whether stand-alone or wall mounted, the makeup mirrors are not like the ordinary mirrors in that they have special features that enable them to be used effectively, with the least effort.

Here’s how the two are different.

  • Hands-free feature

The wall mounted makeup mirror or the stand alone mirror enables you to use them without the need to hold them. Your hands are free to do the makeup.

  • Specially lighted

The lighted vanity mirrors especially used in bathrooms, with various light settings make the application of makeup easy and appropriate for specific time and occasions.

  • Magnification capability

Most mirrors used for makeup have both regular mirror and magnification qualities. Thus, if you want to have the normal image, you shall have it there. If you need a bigger, clearer and magnified image, the same mirror can be used as a magnifying makeup mirror.

  • Saves space

No mirror can beat the wall mounted in space saving. You can have your mirror securely placed on the wall, and have the floor space free for other purposes.

Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

How do you select the best make up mirror? When buying the mirror, you want to get a product that’s functional and stylish, and complements the overall style of your home.

Here are some handy tips you can make use of in your shopping expedition.

  • Establish the lighting needs of your home

The lighted vanity mirror is available in various options: the LED, Fluorescent and the incandescent. The choice among these options depends on factors such as maintenance costs and longevity. However, you find that the LED are becoming popular due to their ease of maintenance, besides being long lasting.

  • Choose convenience

The bathroom makeup mirror becomes convenient if you can use it with the least struggle. The wall mounting makes it an ideal choice for convenience sake.

  • Choose your style

Choose a mirror that matches your bathroom’s décor. Given that these mirrors are now available in a wide array of fun colors, styles and designs; you should get trouble finding the perfect choice. Whether it is traditional, contemporary or modern, you always get something.

  • Conform to your budget

Make a budget before going for shopping, and try as much as possible to stick to it for the obvious reasons.

Being an integral part of your home’s interior, the makeup mirrors are indispensable.

Not just for makeup purposes, but also for maintaining a stylish interior home décor.

Different Types Of Makeup Mirrors?

Many types of mirrors are silvered. That means, that silver is layered onto the glass then oxidized to protect the coating. Some styles of silvered mirrors and their best functions can include some of the following listed mirrors.

  • Clear Mirrors – This mirror is one of the most commonly used. It comes in a wide selection of styles and sizes. Clear mirrors can most often be found in public areas and in some apartment complexes.

  • Ultra Clear Mirror – These mirrors are similar to the standard clear mirrors, but without the slight greenish tint often associated with the clear mirrors. These mirrors are excellent for salons and bright interiors where perfect visibility is critical.

  • Antiqued Mirror – As the name implies, the glass is slightly darkened giving it an appearance of age. A perfect mirror for those who want an art piece and a functional mirror.

  • Concave and Convex Mirrors – A concave mirror holds glass that curves inward, while on a convex mirror the glass will be found to curve outward. The first is a popular makeup or shaving mirror, while the second mirror helps viewers to see around corners. Found often in hallways or used as side mirrors on vehicles, or even in garages.

Along with silvered mirrors, there are also non silvered types of mirrors. There are only two different types of non silvered mirrors – two way mirrors and pyrolytic mirrors.

The two way mirror is most commonly found in interrogation rooms for obvious reasons, and the second type is commonly used for shower doors and other areas where dampness and water are constant.

One of the most popular and functional mirror is the vanity mirror, and the lighted vanity mirror is high on the list of must have mirrors. These mirrors primarily serve one important function.

A vanity mirror is used for just what its name implies, helping the viewer to achieve a perfect appearance.

Whether it is used for shaving a five o’clock shadow or applying perfectly straight eyeliner, these mirrors are indispensable. Having one lighted only adds to its appeal.

Mirrors are an indispensable part of life. Without them, many tasks that are taken for granted would become almost impossible. No matter what need you have, there should be one from the list of types of mirrors for you.

Helpful Make-Up Mirror Maintenance Tips

Ever wonder how to keep your mirror surface looking as perfect as it did when you first purchased it?

These simple do’s and Don’t tips will work on any type of glass, whether it is mirror glass, or the glass found in shower doors.

  • Never use a scouring pad or any other rough material when cleaning or wiping any mirrored surface. Instead use a soft cloth. Old, well worn t shirts work exceptionally well for glass cleaning. Soft and lint free, they provide a scratch free cleaning. Newspapers can also be used for wiping and cleaning, though many prefer not to use them due to the transfer of ink onto hands and other surfaces when they are touched.
  • Try to clean from top to bottom. While this may seem like common sense, many people will start at the bottom, especially on larger mirrored surfaces simply because the bottom is easier to reach. Beginning at the top and working your way down will help to avoid leaving streaks and spots that can occur from cleaners and water dripping down.

  • Use cotton swabs to clean the hard to get to corners. Cotton swabs are soft and scratch free, and also small enough to get into the corners of mirrors to allow for a perfect cleaning.

  • An easy way to safely clean your mirror without having to worry about streaks and drips is to use a squeegee. There really is a reason that professional window cleaners use them. A squeegee leaves a perfectly clean mirror, in about half the time as it would take using another type of cloth.

  • One of the popular mirror maintenance tips is to try to clean your mirror on a cloudy day. While this may seem like an unimportant piece of advice, it will help to make a difference in the overall appearance of your mirror. Sunlight can dry cleaners before you are able to physically wipe the surface leaving streaks and spots. With cloudy weather, this will not be a problem, allowing for a beautiful finished mirror surface.

Additional Tips For A Certain Type of Mirror

While these tips work well for any mirrored surface, A lighted vanity mirror requires a few more tips.

The most important tip is to make sure your mirror’s lights are not turned on. Use another light source while cleaning.

Not only will the light bulbs be a source of heat, allowing for accidental electrical burns, but the bulbs should not be damp when in use.

Use a cleaner made especially for the type of frame your mirror has. Glass cleaners can damage mirror frames.

If the frame is wood, use a wood cleaner on the frame. If your frame is metal, then use a cleaner made for metal.

One time saving tip is to clean the mirror’s frame first, then the glass. This way the cleaner for the frame can easily be cleaned from the glass when the mirror is cleaned.

With these simple mirror maintenance tips, you can keep your mirrors and mirrored surfaces sparkling like new for years if not a lifetime.

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