4 Fabulous Ideas for Decorating Small Garden Spaces

For many people, their garden is an extension of their home and they will want it to look at its best. For others, gardening is a passion and they will enjoy spending time in the outdoor areas of their home.

Having a small garden does not necessarily limit you as they can still look amazing and be a wonderful place to spend your time. If you have limited space, then you just have to be a little more creative.

Here are four ideas for ways you can decorate your small garden and make it look amazing.

1) Use Climbing Plants

If you haven’t got space for your plants to grow outwards, then think vertical. Climbing plants are perfect for those with a garden so small that they do not have the space for a lawn or an area for bedding plants.

Climbing plans will add a splash of color to your garden, create interesting features and make wonderful fragrances as you leave your home. Some of the best options are climbing roses, clematis or honeysuckle. If you are just looking to add greenery, then ivy is the ideal option.

2) Choose Pretty Furniture and Accessories

To enjoy your garden, you will need somewhere to sit and you can make this a feature of your garden. A wrought iron bench or a two-seater patio table and chairs are ideal for smaller spaces.

You can also add some interesting features with outdoor wall art and garden ornaments to draw the eye to different areas. These pretty items will detract from the limited space in your garden.

3) Use Mirrors

When you use mirrors inside your home, it creates an optical illusion of a room being much larger and brighter than it is in reality. It draws the eye beyond the room and extends the space visually.

The same trick can be used in your outdoor space. Positioning a mirror directly opposite the door to your home will immediately trick the eye into thinking your garden is longer.

The mirror will reflect light around the space making it ideal for darker gardens, such as those with high walls around its parameter. Painting external brickwork white is another way you can create a sense of space and light in your garden.

4) Pots and Planters

Pots and planters are perfect for a small patio or yard. Not only are they easy to maintain, you can change the contents of your pots on a regular basis. If you want an attractive garden but you are not a lover of gardening, planters are a great solution.

You can even use them for functional purposes by growing herbs or smaller fruit plants. If your garden is especially small, you can stack small pots on garden shelves. To add a unique and personal touch, you can paint the planters in designs and colors of your choice and then varnish.

This way, no other person will have the same pots and planters as you.

These are just some of the ways you can make your smaller garden look fabulous. Get creative and reflect your personality by treating your garden in the same way you would as one of the internal rooms of your home.

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