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Home DIY Porch and Railing Installation

Installing a porch railing can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your home, as well as making it significantly safer. Additionally, porch railings are often mandatory in many areas if the porch is above ground level. That being said, many people take it upon themselves to install their own porch railing. If you’re looking at a decrepit, or nonexistent, railing […]

how to use landscaping fabric

Weed Matting Secrets: How to use Landscaping Fabric?

While there is no doubt a neatly manicured landscape helps beautify the look of your home the unfortunate reality of modern life these days is that most householders do not have time to maintain the landscape & grounds that surround their home or property. The last couple of years has seen many products released to the marketplace that claim to […]

Landscaping Design Layouts
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Landscaping Design Layouts That Takes Your Garden From Zero To Hero

There are many landscaping design layouts that are available on the internet. However, creating your own design layouts is not as hard as you might think. The term “Layout” refers to how the different elements of your garden are arranged. It’s about figuring out where plants and structures are going to be and sketching out a plan of action. You’ll […]

Landscaping Design 101
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Landscaping Design 101

Landscaping makes your home feel warm, and welcoming. Beautiful gardens result from sticking to the principles of landscaping. With a set of rules, everything falls into the right place because you’re certain of what you want. Good designs are easy to notice because they create a bond between the garden and the house. You can enjoy an eye-catching view while […]

Landscaping Design Cost
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Landscaping Design Cost

It’s obvious that landscaping improves the way your home looks. In-fact, a home that features an elegant landscape is sold at a higher price. The secret to a beautiful landscape lies behind its design. Landscaping requires you to dig deep into your pockets because you have to pay for the materials and the design. Landscaping design cost can be on […]